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1000 chess players are expected in Nîmes for the French chess championship

The French chess championship will be held in Nîmes from 18 August to 26 August 2018. Nearly 1000 players from all over France are expected, with the prestigious title of French champion at stake.

In fact, there are nine tournaments that will be played, each player participating in the tournament that corresponds to his level and play nine games. The best players participate in the National tournament and in the National women’s tournament, which award the titles of French champion. The 2017 French champion Étienne Bacrot will try to win his 9th title, and the Sophie Milliet could obtain a seventh title which would be a record.

Many animations will be organized in the city, in particular the « Chess night » organized Thursday, August 23rd, and during which it will be possible to play free against the champions of chess in the city center. Initiation stands will be deployed to introduce chess to the inhabitants, who will be invited to join the « French Championship of beginners », open to all.

It will be possible to follow the championship live on the internet, with a dedicated site, the live broadcast of the games with comments and an important emphasis on social medias. The media coverage of the championship is indeed a priority.

The French chess championship is organized by the Nîmes chess club and the French Chess Federation (FFE), with the support of Nîmes métropole, the Occitanie region and the Gard department, in partnership with Europe Échecs, Diagonale TV and Nature et Découvertes. This is the biggest tournament of the year organized by the FFE. About 3,000 people will make the trip, taking into account families and accompanying persons.

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List of the players:

1. Etienne BACROT 2709
2. Laurent FRESSINET 2649
3. Christian BAUER 2642
4. Romain EDOUARD 2634
5. Sébastien MAZÉ 2622
6. Tigran GHARAMIAN 2614
7. Yannick GOZZOLI 2601
8. Matthieu CORNETTE 2597
9. Jean-Pierre LE ROUX 2544
10. Quentin LOISEAU 2399

Women’s tournament:

1. Sophie MILLIET 2397
2. Pauline GUICHARD 2308
3. Silvia COLLAS 2266
4. Natacha BENMESBAH 2264
5. Andreea BOLLENGIER 2250
6. Maria LECONTE 2208
7. Cécile HAUSSERNOT 2178
8. Andreea-Cristiana NAVROTESCU 2171
9. Cyrielle MONPEURT 2166
10. Anaëlle AFRAOUI 2067

the 2017 chess night : Matthieu Cornette playing against amateurs

The 2017 tie breaks: Étienne Bacrot vs Laurent Fressinet

The 2017 podium

Nîmes has a rich history, dating back to the Roman Empire. Several famous monuments are in Nîmes, such as the Nîmes Arena and the Maison Carrée. Because of this, Nîmes is often referred to as the French Rome.